A variety of workshops are on offer that will ignite and inspire you to transition from the Mountain to the Valley - from Congress to the Community.

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NOTE: A minimum of 100 participants are required to run a single workshop. If a workshop you select needs to be cancelled, you will be notified and given an opportunity to reselect your preferance.

Rescuing Human Relationships - from Kim Kardashian and CNN

Pr Sam Leonor

What does the masculine and feminine identity of a faithful person actually look like? How does a Christian person relate to a world that is increasingly anti commitment where less and less people choose marriage? How does a young person form or reform their ideas and attitudes about love and healthy sexuality? This seminar will address all these and many more questions about human relationships. We will explore Biblical principles that can help guide a young person to making healthy decisions about love, life and marriage.                


  WORSHIPPING IN REAL-TIME: Ideas about Worship, Youth Culture & Life
..presented by Pr Eddie Hypolite

This seminar looks at how Jesus life interacts with modern culture and how His life brings meaning and value to us today. Eddie Hypolite speaks from an urban London background where he deals daily with youth. He preaches and teaches in the areas of street culture, youth and urban evangelism. Learn innovative Youth Ministry strategies from Eddie’s incredible life journey.


Igniting Youth to Change the World through the Power of 1

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men and women who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact, it's an opinion. What will motivate young people to step up and do the seemingly impossible?  What will motivate young people to re-order their life priorities and be willing to lay down their lives for the Kingdom of God?  It is possible… let’s explore together!


Finding Healing Through Christ
..presented by
Dr Hyveth Williams

This powerful healing workshop will benefit a great number of our population who are dealing with issues related to the loss of innocence, personal struggles for identity and the integration of the private and public self.  People with a history of a wounded private self tend to cover up, deny, and hide or paint an outer world far from the reality of internal struggles. This workshop teaches victims how to become victors by recovering and reclaiming their unique spiritual and emotional identities. It is also effective because Dr Hyveth Williams understands the language of shame, abandonment and abuse.


Pasifika Positive: Pacific Island Youth Wellbeing
..presented by
Dr Tracie Mafile'o

Pacific youth are ‘world changers’ and have potential to positively impact their families, churches and communities. This workshop aims to provide a reflective space for advancing pasifika youth wellbeing. Topics include population and migration trends for pasifika peoples, what happens to migrant aspirations in the diaspora, pasifika youth identity, how to weave together the best of both western and pacific cultures, and the interplay of culture and church. Drawing on a biblical perspective of cultural diversity, alongside contemporary social science research, the workshop will utilise participatory, creative and strengths-based methods. This workshop is relevant to youth from the Pacific Islands, youth of Pacific heritage living in Australia or New Zealand and for others who have an interest in things pasifika.


Where are Youth today?
..presented by
Dr Barry Gane

We are losing too many of our young people.  Why do youth sever their connection with the church?  What can we do to bring them back? There is a strategy for reclaiming them – learn how to use these strategies to be a ‘World Changer’ in your church.


Pacific Island Culture
..presented by Dr Danijela Schubert

Great changes are sweeping through the Pacific. The pace of change is unprecedented. The difference in living standard and the way of life in urban centres and remote rural communities is vast. And yet some issues are the same, such as syncretism – mixing Christianity with deeply ingrained spirit world.  Young people are the ones who struggle the most with this change. This is a time of great opportunities and challenges working for and alongside youth. This workshop will explore the challenges and opportunities in Melanesian culture and propose possibilities of exciting life for the youth of Pacific, particularly Papua New Guinea.


Living Justice: God's heart: Your life
..presented by Ms Jo Darby

Gain a Biblical perspective of God’s heart for justice, what Jesus said about justice with examples from his life, and explore what justice has to do with grace. The second half of the workshop will focus on getting practical. We will spend some time considering what ‘justice living’ actually looks like in your context as well as discussing how best to restore God’s kingdom on earth. We’ll look at finding petitions; getting on board with campaigns, being a voice, shopping fair trade, how do I choose where to give money? We will brainstorm what social justice might look like in our local churches.