Move With The Power IV will feature a number of youth ministry professionals specialising in various areas of leadership. 
Each of the workshops fall under one of the topics Reach Up, Reach In and Reach Out.

Worships and workshops will be designed to inspire and empower you to continue serving in your area of influence.  

Below is the list of all the workshops available and a brief description of what will be presented.

Also to help you get to know the presenters, we've included some information about each of them below.  Click on a name to find out more.

Culture, Consumerism and Connecting With God - Pr Brendan Pratt 
In a world that focuses on self and celebrity how do we grow young people in their connection with God?  This workshop will explore how consumer culture destroys connection with God and what we can do about it.  It will give you practical tips and tools for addressing consumer culture and leading your youth group to a deeper connection with God.

Why does a 21st-Century Church need a 19th Century Prophet - Pr Dwain Esmond
Most Seventh-day Adventists today believe that God used Ellen G. White, co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, to help form an end-time movement to prepare men and women for Jesus' imminent return. Some love her messages while others find them problematic and archaic. This session is designed to look seriously at the role of Ellen White’s counsels for the Seventh-day Adventist Church as it prepares for the Second Coming of Jesus.

Leading Worship - Pr Leighton Heise
Those gathered around Jesus Christ in eternity come from world-wide diverse worshipping cultural backgrounds.  How does such diversity develop?  Why should this diversity be cherished and celebrated?  What can unite the Church in worship of the Lamb for eternity?  This workshop highlights insights from the Biblical Hebrews and Revelation vision for worship of Jesus Christ, harmonising these with educational psychology insights into how our brains process information and make meaning.  Learn to practice here on earth what will be in eternity; the diversity dynamic.

The Word's Power Through Your Life - Pr Maveni Kaufononga
The Bible contains the LIFE of God! Everything in life depends on the Word! How can this LIFE impact and transform your life every day? This experiential workshop will focus on interaction, integration and application strategies to bring the Word to life.  Experience God's POWER through His WORD in this workshop.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Mr Colin Hone
With Over 65 % of our youth leaving the Church we have come up with many programs and methods to try and keep them. Are we missing the most important gift from Jesus that will not only keep our youth but will empower them for ministry?  This workshop on the baptism of Holy Spirit will show you how to have POWER from above to be like Jesus and do the same works as Jesus ( John 14:12 ) in preparation for the latter rain and soon return of Jesus.

B Somebody 2 Someone - Mentoring - Pr Wayne French
Welcome to the Bsomebody2someone Mentor Training Series, which is a series of training presentations designed to enable individuals and groups to intentionally educate, inspire and equip mentors. This resource has been designed to gather the best and most concise information available, with a specific focus on mentoring young people, to create a legacy for future generations.

Recreating your Sabbath School for Discipleship - Pr Leigh Rice
Jesus called us to be disciples and to make disciples. How effective are you as a disciple maker? Sabbath School and Bible study time can be an effective way to turn your church into a disciple making movement. Come and discover the Jesus process in Mark 4.

Preaching to this Generation - Pr Eddie Hypolite
Join me as we look at 21st culture and society and the starting points for communicating the gospel, in a way that impacts and transforms both culture and society.

Keeping our young adults in church - Pr Jeff Parker
Research shows that up to 70% of our young adults are leaving the Australian Christian church by age 30.  Imagine if there was a way to stop this hemorrhaging of young lives from church life. What if there were some formational pillars that if adopted in the local church, would make a huge difference. Come and check out 10 formational pillars that will change your church.

A Focused Woman - Mrs Erna Johnson
Have you ever wondered if there’s a purpose for your life?  Everyone wants to be useful and to have a focus that would change the way they live. Many women go through life without any plan or goal.  Researchers tell us that only 3% of us have definite, specific goals that that are written on paper, goals that can be seen and measured.  This workshop will help you make a specific focus and a purpose for the future.  Our God is ordered and fucused.  We will discover together how we can put that into practice in our own daily lives.

Getting the Best Out Of Life - Dr Chester Kuma
Health is a key focus area for many youth and young adults today and yet many young people are not living life to the full.  In this workshop you will learn the key elements of living life the way God intended you to live it.  Specific areas will include nutrition, exercise, sleep, physiology and how these life giving principles can maximise your life for God.

Family friendly Youth Ministry - Dr Trafford Fischer
There’s a lot of emphasis on being healthy these days!  Being healthy provides the best chance of living a long and vibrant life. Healthy families operate a bit the same!  It’s the healthy families that provide the best chances for young people to discover their place in life and how to love and live for God in their every-day lives.  What strategies can families pursue to help them be the safe place they need to be for their young people to find God, themselves and others, and to build strong and effective relationships? What do effective families do to help ensure their young people stay the faith-journey?  This seminar will set out to answer these questions and provide directions for committed families who wish to be the best at what they do.

Today’s Leader - Dr Branimir Schubert
Today’s leader is someone who is able to grasp and articulate God’s vision and then have the skills and courage to implement it utilising available resources. Today’s leaders are strategic leaders able to think big but ensuring dreams become reality.

Teaching Authentic Sexuality in a Sexualised World - Pr Cheonneth Strickland
We are swimming in a culture where sexuality is everywhere. From billboards to kids clothing, from bus stops to the internet, sexuality is there. How do we navigate through this maze of sexuality and teach our young people to live Jesus way in this area? This workshop will show you how by providing resources and teaching content for you to use. 

Bringing Children to Jesus through Adventurer Ministry - Pr William Strickland
I believe our children are the lifeblood of the church.  So how can we teach our children about Jesus, give them skills to use in their lives and show them how to live for Jesus through our example.  One way is through Adventurer Ministry which will be the basis of this workshop.  You don’t have to be in Adventurers to attend - its open to all who would like to effectively share Jesus with children aged 4-9.

Making and Multiplying Disciples (Two sessions) - Pr Wayne Krause
The command Jesus gave to his first disciples was to make disciples. That command was also given to us. If disciples are not being made within our churches, are they really churches? Disciples make disciples as they are growing as disciples. What is a disciple? Am I a disciple? When do you become a disciple? How do I make other disciples? All these questions will be addressed in this seminar with some challenging concepts discussed

Current Trends in Pathfinder Ministry - Pr Gary Blanchard

After looking at the Pathfinder curriculum as a whole, not just class by class, we discovered that there were some things we could improve in the learning process of our Pathfinders. We’ve used Bloom’s Taxonomy in the revision of the curriculum and we are aiming to have a better learning process throughout the six classes.  We’ll have in the curriculum the six (6) necessary learning steps (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation) to help all Pathfinders to develop their critical thinking skills.  If you want to see how the new Pathfinder curriculum is going to look, don’t miss this seminar.  
This seminar is a MUST for all those involved in Pathfinder ministries, local club leaders and Pathfinder District Directors!

Shaping Children’s Faith through the Gracelink Curriculum - Ms Litiana R Turner
If you’d like to have an impact on the next generation, then this workshop is for you, get involved in teaching Sabbath School for children from birth to 14yrs of age. The Gracelink Sabbath School Lesson supports parents in the spiritual nurture of their children.
By attending this workshop you agree that children;

  • Are a gift from God
  • Are desirable
  • Bring joy and blessings to adults
  • Need to be taught how to develop a relationship with God
  • Are so valuable to God that He commands us to protect them

If you agree with all of the above statements then this workshop is FOR YOU.

Youth Ministry in the Local Church - 'Pass it On' - Pr Gilbert Cangy
The Local Church must be the primary target of youth ministry. Youth ministry is only effective when it is a response to local needs guided by local convictions in the hands of local people.  This workshop is designed as a catalyst to develop an effective youth ministry owned and executed by the people. Let us together explore how to ‘Pass it On’.

Protecting children and young persons - your responsibilities as a supervisor - Denise McDonald
This workshop is a must attend for anyone involved with supervising children and young persons.  Protecting children and young persons from harm and abuse is key to the SDA church’s mission.  The current Australian Royal Commission into Institutional response to Child Sexual Assault is resulting in legislative and regulatory change, significantly raising the accountability and responsibility for churches to create robust systems to protect young persons from harm and abuse. 
The workshop will highlight key elements of current best practice, and give tangible examples of what children and youth leaders must be doing to protect young people from any harm.

Find Your Voice, Enjoy Abundance, Leave Legacy - Pr Victor Kulakov
The greatest pain of all is to arrive at the end of your life and realise you didn’t live up to your fullest potential. Studies reveal that people who discovered their purpose in life not only achieved greater success, stayed in control of their future but also, enjoyed greater quality of relationships, made a significant impact in lives of many and even lived longer. Discover the simple and yet profound principles that can significantly change your life. You will be blown away by how much fun that is to live a truly meaningful and fulfilled life.

Public Camp Ministry: The Theology of Jesus' FOLLOW ME Mentoring and Discipleship  - Dr Jiwan Moon
Learning what it means to follow Jesus and become His disciple. "The Theology of FOLLOW ME Mentoring & Discipleship” workshop will help you develop biblical foundation for mentoring and discipleship. This workshop will help you understand the Jewish system of education and the importance of mentoring and discipleship during the time of Jesus here on earth.  Bible examples for mentoring and discipleship relationships will also be explored and studied. This workshop will inspire and motivate you to be Jesus’ true follower, and compel you to go and make disciples for Christ’s sake. Come, follow Jesus and respond to His invitation, 'FOLLOW ME!’

Reaching Out to Muslims - Mr Rodney MacCallum
This seminar will explore the ideology of Islam and their framework. This is a practical seminar, which will focus on how an Adventist young person can reach out to their Muslim friends by learning practical ways of sharing. The seminar will also specifically deal with the Muslim question "Is Jesus the Son of God?" 

Search and Rescue - Dr Barry Gane
Our church is only one generation away from extinction.  In the last national census in Australia we lost 1500 young adults from the Adventist church.  This is true for all the nations in the South Pacific.  Young people sever connection for a number of reasons and we will explore why they leave and possible strategies for bringing them home.

Reaching Secular Cities - Mr Johnny Wong
2013 was a turning point in history where more than half of the world's population are now living in the cities. Rapid urbanization continues even in the South Pacific islands. More young people are moving to the cities. How do we share Jesus in the city context when they are bombarded with entertainment, vice and work. Learn proven soul winning techniques. Our speaker has planted four urban churches and current coaching disciples to share the everlasting gospel.

Leaving the church to be Church - Dr Peter Roennfeldt
Youth are disconnecting from church. What might it mean if youth were released to ‘leave home’ - to cultivate the next generation of Adventist churches? What might this look like - and how would plant multiplying ‘glocal’ churches establish young adults in their faith?