Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have a staff to pathfinder ratio in place for iThirst Camporee?

The ratios have been put in place due to the fact that the response is double what was expected. Many clubs see the camporee as a family holiday and will join a Pathfinder club with the particular aim of attending the camporee. While we love having family members present, it must be understood that Pathfinder Camporees are designed especially for Pathfinder aged children (10-17) and every extra adult who attends means one less pathfinder attending.

Is there any flexibility in the ratio for children with special needs who require more supervision?

Under specific circumstances children with special needs may have special consideration, upon presentation of the appropriate medical documentation. Explaining why the pathfinder in question needs particular care. It must be stressed that not all who present documentation requesting extra carer help, will be automatically allowed in to the camporee.

Do you have powered sites for caravans?

Due to the extra numbers requesting to attend the camporee, it is expected that all campers will be hosted in tents. If we allowed caravans on site the room would be insufficient.

Are Cooks permitted to go off-site for supplies?

There is a camporee shop on site that will stock most food items as well as commonly used kitchen items. Click here for the Camporee Store Website

It is preferable that any item thought to be useful during camporee is brought on site before the opening parade on January 6.

Are Master Guides who are 18+ considered staff?

YES. The age of Pathfinders has been designated as from 10 by the first day of camporee to 17 years old. The extended Two additional years (16-17) is to allow for Master Guides to attend as Pathfinders. Older youth who are 18+ and attached to a club, either as Master Guides or Junior counsellors, will be considered staff.

Are we allowed to swap people out?

YES – bearing in mind that PF: Staff ratios must be adhered to. Changes must be communicated to your local Conference no later than the 20th of September.

How early can I show up to Toowoomba?

6th of January, 2015. Club leader’s will be notified of the arrival time for your club beforehand.

Can I use the iThirst logo for our Club’s T-shirt designs?

Yes absolutely. We would love to see the Camporee Logo utilised by local clubs for branding.

Are we able to hire Conference Tents (the 4 man tents pictured are too small for us)?

You are free to bring your own tents to Camporee as most clubs will do.

For international Clubs and those who are flying to camporee, the Club Starter Packs are being offered for purchase and will include a conference tent on a 1:20 basis and there is a hire charge attached.

Will you be erecting a Conference Family Tent for each Club for a kitchen?

No. They are allocated to International Clubs on a 1:20 ratio.

Will you be supplying a set number of tables and chairs per club?

Tables can be hired at a reasonable rate for international clubs and those who are taking flights in order to attend the Camporee. Details will be forthcoming in the next information Bulletin.

Are we able to hire camp beds?

No. Sleep mats included in the Club Starter Pack for International Clubs.