WorldChangers Youth Congress will feature a number of youth ministry professionals specialising various areas of leadership.  To help you get to know the presenters, we've included some information about each of them below.  Click on a name to find out more.



Pr Sam Leonor


Pastor Sam Leonor was raised in Central America where his parents were part of developing health care missions. Among others, he attended Southern College in TN, where he earned a secondary education degree. He worked as a youth pastor in Asheville, NC before attending Andrews University where he earned a Master of Divinity.

He is married to Shelley. He has a daughter, Alexandra and a son, Micah.

Sam has a passion for making church life meaningful. He wants to see people attach themselves to communities of faith that are healthy, growing and full of love. He believes that, like the Apostle Paul, people can experience dramatic personal change when they come in contact with the Gospel. This happens when Jesus the Christ and His teachings are lived out through the body of Christ. He is devoted to the Adventist church and to exploring contemporary Biblical spirituality. He enjoys ministry that focuses on faith that engages culture deeply and emphasizes justice.



Pr Eddie Hypolite


Pastor Eddie Hypolite is a Londoner by birth, and the youngest of 10 brothers and sisters. He is husband to the gorgeous Yvonne Hypolite and father to the beautiful Rhea Jeanelle Hypolite; He is a pastor, educational consultant and motivational speaker. He travels internationally, preaching and teaching in the areas of urban evangelism, leadership, and youth & street culture. His vocational background is originally in the area of residential social work. He presently serves as local church  pastor in the South England Conference. He and his family live in London. 


Dr Hyveth Williams

A graduate of Columbia Union College with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology (1984) Pastor Williams received her Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University Theological Seminary (1989). In 1998 she graduated from Boston University School of Theology with a Doctor of Ministry degree. Pastor Williams holds the distinction of being the first non-Episcopalian to receive the prestigious Fellowship from the Episcopal College of Preachers, National Cathedral, Washington, D.C. Honored as Andrews University Alumni of the Year (2000) and the Association of Adventist Women & NAD Women's Ministries Department Adventist Woman of the Year (1995), Dr. Williams was recently selected as Citizen of the Year for 2007 for Loma Linda and San Bernardino County by the Loma Linda Chamber of Commerce and California State Senate & Assembly. She is also a recipient of the 2008 California Assembly Woman of Distinction.

Dr Williams has written a number of books including her autobiography "Will I Ever Learn?" (1996), "Anticipation" (2000), "Secrets of a Happy Heart" (2004) and "The Celt & The Christ: A Fresh Look at the Book of Galatians" (2008). Articles by Pastor Williams have appeared in Insight, Signs of the Times, Adventist Review, Ministry, Women of Spirit, Message and Celebration magazines. She currently writes a monthly column called "Back To Basics" for the Adventist Review.

Dr. Williams' influence is profoundly felt around the world by countless participants who have been healed through her ministry. She has touched the lives of millions through her books, preaching and groundbreaking counseling and widely applauded television series A Painted World: Portraits of Illusions and Reality. Her spiritual journey entitled Damascus Road: Hyveth Williams' Conversion Story is televised regularly on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Dr. Williams appreciates every opportunity to share the Gospel with others. She approaches her role as a preacher, teacher and counselor for God as a sacred trust.


Dr Tracie Mafile'o


I was born and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand – and am of both Pakeha and Tongan heritage. I am married to Taupo Tani, originally from Tuvalu, and we have a 1 year old baby Tuviya. I have been working at Pacific Adventist University (PAU), Papua New Guinea, since 2007, where I am now the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. I was previously the Director of Counseling Services and the Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies at PAU. My professional background is in social work and my PhD research examined Tongan social work approaches in the New Zealand context. I have worked in the social services in Australia and New Zealand and as a lecturer in social work at Massey University, New Zealand. My teaching, research and publications have included work on pacific wellbeing, youth resilience, and cultural diversity.


Dr Barry Gane

Barry Gane is the husband of Marilyn, the Librarian at Avondale College.  He has two married adult children Daniel and Kymberley, and is blessed to have five grandchildren.  He may be remembered for his work as SPD youth director during the ‘80s – ‘90s.  He has spent over thirty years in Youth Ministry and still teaches for Andrews University.  He is passionate about youth ministry and is currently doing research at Avondale College of Higher Education for the South Pacific Division.  His current project is Valuegenesis II which seeks to discover the impact of the family, the church and the school on the transmission of beliefs and values to youth.  He will be dealing with the topic of reclaiming missing youth  - a subject he feels deeply about.


Dr Danijela Schubert

Danijela was born and grew up in then Yugoslavia, in the Mediterranean city of Pula. Belonging to SDA church took her to many places – first to boarding high school, where she met her husband. Then together they lived, studied and worked in France, Philippines, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Australia.  


Ms Jo Darby

Jo Darby is an emerging artist who resides in Newcastle with her husband and two sons. She has been a guest presenter at camps, conferences, workshops, schools, and local churches throughout Australia and New Zealand and has worked as a bible teacher, art teacher, chaplain and guest lecturer. Jo has a heart for God’s word -reading it, teaching it, studying it and being drenched in it- and is passionate about sharing the message of God’s heart for justice.