Outreach is a chance for youth to reach out to the local community to be an example of Christ. Some outreach events involve witnessing to people, while others are forms of service that have very little preaching involved. It's a GREAT way to give back to the world around you.


Feed the Hungry

Changing the world can be as simple as spending an afternoon collecting food for families struggling in poverty. Become part of the world changers movement and be God’s hands and feet by spending Wednesday and Friday afternoon collecting food for families who are most in need.


  Watson Park Blitz

While some like to get out there and mix it with people there are other ways to change the world. Watson Park is one of the Premier Adventist camp sites in Australia, however, there are needs that the staff need help with.  Step up for a physical challenge and spend an afternoon making Watson Park look like God’s Property.


Spread the word: Hunger Needs to End

As world changers one of our greatest weapons is our ability to influence people. Through social media let’s tell the world that hunger is wrong and something needs to be done about it. Join 3000 other young adults in taking a stand and telling friends and family that hunger needs to end. In just one week we hope to influence over 100,000 people with this message.     


Chocolate Bibles

Join us in the most fun way to spread the Gospel by handing out Fredos in Brisbane. Spend the afternoon giving out a bit of heaven with a chocolate flavour. It’s so simple, each Fredo has a bible verse attached to it.  All you have to do is hand them out, who in their right mind wouldn’t take one. Spreading the word is easier than you think.