A wide variety of workshops are on offer and will provide you with valuable information for leadership in various areas.  You will be required to choose 5 workshops which will you will attend over the course of the event. Note that workshops marked with an asterix below are a double workshop and count for 2.  The workshops are categorised under the headings Reach Up, Reach Across and Reach Out as well as categorised in alphabetical order within the categories.  Click on a title to read the workshop description.

Reach UP


Reach OUT


*double workshop


  Back to Basics
..presented by Pr Mau Tuaoi

As a Youth/Pathfinder/Adventurer leader your core emphasis must be on Christian action - the way faith is enacted in the life of discipleship and ministry in the church and in the world.  This workshop is specifically designed to teach you ‘How’ to ensure that everything you do in your ministry is biblically grounded.  What we believe and how we understand God determines how we go about planning a camp, running a small group, service projects,  or other church activities.  It is essential that we understand what our 'theological rocks' are and what informs our faith and belief, as this will impact how we do youth ministry. 


Ellen White: The Unfinished Journey
..presented by Dr John Skrzypaszek 

We are confronted with so many alternative views and assumptions of what it means to have an authentic experience with God and what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. This workshop explores the dynamics of God's involvement in human life and how, out of such critical yet challenging circumstances, God raises bold visionaries, dreamers and builders of hope and courage, and how He empowers individuals with spiritual giftedness and passionate faith. This workshop is a must for all leaders who dream how to recapture the passion, zeal and faithfulness of our pioneers and apply these emerging principles to life's journey and the formation of Seventh-day Adventist identity in the 21st century.



Preaching Christ Prophetically
..presented by Dr Hyveth Williams

Preaching Christ Prophetically is a powerful form of proclaiming the everlasting Gospel from the Three Angels' Message.  Participants will learn to exercise divine authority in sermons that provide Biblical/theological insights into current worldwide events while inspiring repentance, renewal and reformation in the lives of worshippers.


Spiritual Formation
..presented by Pr Brendan Pratt

We talk a lot about growing spiritually but what does it actually involve?  What is spirituality anyway?  This workshop looks at what it means to grow in connection with God and how you’ve been shaped with a unique connection with God.  In our time together we will put together a spiritual formation plan that is just for you.


Worship, Spirituality & Worship Leadership
..presented by Ms Marian Maroney

Learn how to communicate and craft a Spirit-led worship journey that leads the church to the heart of God. Also learn singing techniques that enable you to lead worship with confidence and strength.  This workshop will be very useful for anyone involved in leading, crafting, and organising music for corporate worship.


  Model for Senior Youth Ministry
..presented by Pr Steve Kane

Want to have a healthy growing youth ministry at your church?  Where do you start?  How can you make it happen?  Learn the principles of a balanced youth ministry and how to put together a strategic plan to make your youth ministry vision become a reality through the power and grace of God.


A Purpose for Every Woman
..presented by Ms Erna Johnson

Perhaps the most sensitive and divisive issue in evangelicalism today is the role of women in church leadership. The purpose of this seminar is not to debate that issue; rather, it is to support the vision of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as an inclusive environment where justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and nurture for all of its members are promoted and sustained.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been blessed by the gifts and talents of women prior to and since its inception. It is a Church that believes that developing, building and nurturing the leadership skills of women in communities around the world is the best way to ensure a future for our communities, our nations and indeed our world.

This exciting leadership workshop shares ten basic strategies that will help women in general and Seventh-day Adventist women in particular overcome some of the hurdles they face in work and worship situations.


Adventist Standards and Values in the 21st Century
..presented by Dr Bailey Gillespie

It seems that Adventist values and standards change from place to place and from generation to generation in a way that brings confusion.  How do we make sense of it all? Learn about the origin of our lifestyle and the biblical principles that will help you make wise decisions.


Adventurer Leadership (double workshop)
..presented by Pr Willie Strickland

Part 1: New Adventurer Leader Information

Guidelines for starting a club, tools for coordinating an effective Adventurer Team, Adventurer Curriculum.

Part 2: Adventurer Leadership beyond the first 2 years.

Helpful Leadership Resources, Pre-Adventurer SPD Guidelines, Creative ideas for Adventurer Ministry.


Ambassador Ministry
..presented by Pr Maveni Kaufononga

The Ambassador Club is an organization dedicated to meeting the spiritual, social and lifestyle needs of youth ages 16-20 by challenging them to experience and share a personal relationship with Christ, develop a lifestyle fitting their belief system, vocational interest, and providing them with an adequate venue for wholesome development of lifelong friendships.  It exists to provide senior youth with an organized structured system that will promote active involvement of its membership in their church as well as their community while providing them with opportunities to discover their God-given talents and the calling God has on their life.  Come and learn more about the philosophy behind Ambassadors and its seven foundations.  You will also gain creative ideas on how to run a club and how to involve your young people in discipleship.


B Somebody 2 Someone
..presented by Mr Jonathan Duffy

"Every young person needs at least one adult who is irrationally committed to their well-being.  Millions of children grow up virtually alone - disconnected from adults.  No love.  No supervision.  No positive role models.  Yet these people must still find their way - they still grow up to become adults.  Children can endure the most miserable conditions - even thrive in the midst of them - if they have at least one loving adult committed to their success" (Wayne Rice, Chap Clark, New Directions for Youth Ministry).

Mentoring is more than just feeling good about helping someone; it is a necessary aspect for human development in many areas.  This workshop is designed to enable individuals and groups to intentionally engage in mentoring, both to find a mentor for themselves and to be a mentor for others.


Family-Based Youth Ministry
..presented by Pr Trafford Fischer

Families that are functional and healthy provide the best chances for young people to discover God and how to live for Him in their every-day lives.  What does current research tell us about the way healthy families minister to their young people?  What strategies can families pursue to help them be the safe place they need to be for their young people to find God, themselves and others, and to build strong and effective relationships? What do effective families do to help ensure their young people stay the journey?  This seminar will set out to answer these questions and provide directions for committed families who wish to be the best at what they do.


 Media Ministry in your Church
..presented by Mr Jared Madden

Media is part of our everyday lives, learn how the Adventist Church is developing media platforms and resources to assist you in evangelism in your local community including the much anticipated 'Beyond the search' evangelistic series.


Motivating Local Church Youth
..presented by Pr Gilbert Cangy

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men and women who find it easier to live in the world they've been given then to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. What will motivate young people to step up to the play and do the seemingly impossible?  What will motivate young people to reorder their life priorities and be willing to lay down their lives for the Kingdom of God?  It is possible… let’s explore together!


Pathfinder Leadership (double workshop)
..presented by Pr John Wells

Part 1: Leadership Skills

Participants will look at the impact of the ‘I’ generation on Pathfinders, the challenge of recruiting volunteers and retaining them as well as consider what the ‘spirit of Pathfinders’ is in today’s world. They will also unpack the questions: is the Pathfindering organisation still relevant in today’s world?

Part 2: What does it mean for us? Challenges we face in Pathfinder Leadership.

Participants will be familiarised with the latest updates of the Pathfinder leadership training program and the context within which these changes have been made.  They will look at the purposes, outcomes and features of each program and gain ideas on how to train Pathfinder leaders.



Pathfinder Honours (double workshop)
..presented by Dr John Sommerfeld

Honours form an integral part of Pathfinder Ministry and are the basis through which Pathfinders learn and develop new skills in various areas.  Currently, the South Pacific Division is reviewing its honours based on the requirement criteria, suitability, current needs and cultures.  They have also provided a mechanism through which new honours can be developed.  Come and learn more about honours in the South Pacific, their purpose, creative ways to teach them and how to make them fun to complete. A key part of this workshop will also be to explore the intricacies of creating a new honour as you participate with fellow attendees and compile a brand new honour for ‘Christian Worship’.


Teaching Sexuality to Young People
..presented by Pr Cheonneth Strickland

Everywhere you look – whether it be television, billboards/posters, street signage, magazines or the music we listen to portrays sexual imagery. Sexuality and its images pervades every area of society. These images influence our minds, emotions, our actions and every relationship from our families through to God and everyone else in between. This is especially true for the young people we lead. How then are we to deal with this? What can we do to protect ourselves and young people from an oversexualised culture and world that we live in?

This workshop will give you skills and resources to enable you to teach your young people God’s plan in the area of sexuality. Topics covered will include media, advertising and sexuality, God’s playbook on sexuality, creating boundaries and I’ve messed up, now what?  


What's Right with the Emerging Church
..presented by Mr Nathan Brown

From Adventist presidents to publications, there are many voices telling us what’s wrong with the movement that has become known as the emerging church. But there is also much to appreciate in the thinking of the emerging church—and much we can learn from. Following the directive in 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 to test everything and “hold on to what is good,” this workshop will seek the best in what the emerging church has to say.


Church and Social Action
..presented by Pr Mark Craig

Issues of poverty and injustice are central themes within scripture.  Jesus identified himself as the “Servant of the Lord” prophesied by Isaiah, who would “bring justice” to the world (Isaiah 42:1-7). It is true he came to bring forgiveness and grace and it is a through a profound experience of God’s grace that motivation for action on issues of social justice occurs.  “And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?" Micah 6:8.  As a church how should we do justice?  This is the question we will unpack in the course of this workshop.


One Day Church
..presented by Pr Dick Duerksen

Got a group that needs to do something for someone else? This workshop will introduce you to an exciting new approach to Mission and Service Adventures. Your mission team can build a church or a school in a day! It's being done in Africa, Latin America, and the South Pacific by groups just like yours. It's easy. It's fun. It's ministry from the ground up! And it's not just "building." This workshop will show you how a "mission trip" offers complete life-changing service - for you and those you serve.


Reaching Secular Cities with Soul Winning Groups
..presented by Mr Johnny Wong

Sick and tired of church in maintenance-mode or not growing? Why did the earlier youth pioneers of the SDA and the New Testament churches use the soul-winning small group model? How can I implement such a model in my youth group? How can we revive our old 20-, 30- or 40-year-old church to become a soul-winning church based on small groups? How did Gateway Adventist Church grow from 20 core members to over 200 people, plant 2 churches and work on a third church in 7 years? In this workshop we will look at case studies of how churches can be reinvented and fulfill God's great commission. You will learn real and proven practical skills to run a soul winning CARE group.


Revelation: Hope, Meaning, Purpose
..presented by Dr Graeme Bradford

Over the last 5 years, Graeme Bradford has been working with Dr Jon Paulien on this new and exciting series.  It will enable young people to share their faith with other young people in a Christ-centred, non-threatening and positive way to give hope, meaning and purpose to life. It goes through the book of Revelation chapter-by-chapter and answers questions such as:

Are Revelation's prophecies relevant today? People have always been saying Jesus is soon to return-so what's new? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Why does God allow suffering among innocent people? What is the end time crisis over worship all about? Is it true that the religious world has dramatically changed over recent times? Should we expect signs, wonders and miracles today? Can I be sure I am ready for Jesus to return? Is it important that I do my own thinking?

In this workshop Graeme will show how this new series can be used by a wide range of people: those who know little about the Bible to those who are into it in a big way. This series has booklets, DVDs, a website (, material to download and use on U Tube, power point presentations etc.


 Search and Rescue: Reclaiming Lost Youth
..presented by Dr Barry Gane

We are losing too many of our young people.  Why do youth sever connection with the church?  What can we do to bring them back? There is a strategy for reclaiming them – learn how to use it and change the church.


Simple Church Planting (double workshop)
..presented by Dr Wayne Krause

Simple Church is an Adventist way of doing house churches.  If we are to wait until we have a building in order to have a church we will never reach our world, particularly our cities, for Christ.  Simple Church is not just "honey I shrunk the church," and one day they might grow up to be a "proper," church but a completely different way of being and doing church.  Knowing that the early Christians met in house churches and that the New Testament was written to people in house churches, Simple Church demonstrates how church members today, can also run house churches.  In this workshop, you will learn the Biblical rationale for house churches, the need for them in today's postmodern world and the steps to take so that you can start and run an Adventist Simple Church.


 Soul Winning on the Frontline
..presented by Mr Jared French

The Student Literature Evangelist (SLE) program, known as ‘JUMP START’ is designed to help equip young people go boldly door to door with literature. With the experience gained, your faith will be strengthened as you see the Lord work many mighty miracles not only for those who buy your books but also in your own life. You will learn invaluable people skills which will give you confidence and patience to help you meet any challenges that are ahead. Learn more about this program and the blessings of being a Literature Evangelist.


STORM Co: The Power of Service
..presented by Dr Mel Lemke

This workshop explores the core place of service in the life of a devoted follower of Jesus.  We are invited to be His ambassadors, His hands, feet and heart on this planet.  We stand in the place of Jesus in all that we do.  STORM Co provides the opportunity to step into communities that need His touch.  We will look at the call to serve and have the opportunity to respond to that call. You will be inspired to be the “salt” and the “light” in your community in very practical ways as you introduce people to “the way” through your love and care. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to take their walk with Jesus to a whole new level.


The Adventist Opportunity at Universities
..presented by Mr Sven Ostring

Universities are places where young people explore choices and form their own worldviews. This means that there are amazing opportunities at universities to share God's message of hope and love that is found in Jesus Christ and His soon return. In this workshop, a number of effective ways of building dynamic communities of Adventist university students will be explored, including university chaplaincy, G3 discipleship groups and launching campus church planting movements.