Move With The Power III will feature a number of youth ministry professionals specialising various areas of leadership.  Worships and workshops will be designed to inspire and empower you to continue serving in your area of influence.  To help you get to know the presenters, we've included some information about each of them below.  Click on a name to find out more



Dr Hyveth Williams

A graduate of Columbia Union College with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology (1984) Pastor Williams received her Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University Theological Seminary (1989). In 1998 she graduated from Boston University School of Theology with a Doctor of Ministry degree. Pastor Williams holds the distinction of being the first non-Episcopalian to receive the prestigious Fellowship from the Episcopal College of Preachers, National Cathedral, Washington, D.C. Honored as Andrews University Alumni of the Year (2000) and the Association of Adventist Women & NAD Women's Ministries Department Adventist Woman of the Year (1995), Dr. Williams was recently selected as Citizen of the Year for 2007 for Loma Linda and San Bernardino County by the Loma Linda Chamber of Commerce and California State Senate & Assembly. She is also a recipient of the 2008 California Assembly Woman of Distinction.

Dr Williams has written a number of books including her autobiography "Will I Ever Learn?" (1996), "Anticipation" (2000), "Secrets of a Happy Heart" (2004) and "The Celt & The Christ: A Fresh Look at the Book of Galatians" (2008). Articles by Pastor Williams have appeared in Insight, Signs of the Times, Adventist Review, Ministry, Women of Spirit, Message and Celebration magazines. She currently writes a monthly column called "Back To Basics" for the Adventist Review.

Dr. Williams' influence is profoundly felt around the world by countless participants who have been healed through her ministry. She has touched the lives of millions through her books, preaching and groundbreaking counseling and widely applauded television series A Painted World: Portraits of Illusions and Reality. Her spiritual journey entitled Damascus Road: Hyveth Williams' Conversion Story is televised regularly on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Dr. Williams appreciates every opportunity to share the Gospel with others. She approaches her role as a preacher, teacher and counselor for God as a sacred trust.


Pr Jose Rojas


José Vicente Rojas serves as the Director of the Office of Volunteer Ministries for the North American Division. Based at the Office of the Secretariat, the Office of Volunteer Ministries brings together church, institutional and supportive organizations for shared goals in volunteer ministries including: student missions, taskforce missions, literacy programs, community projects, Bible work, evangelism, and a host of other outreach activities.

José holds to a firm belief that the time for the fulfilment of Joel 2:28 has come. The "dreamers and visionaries" spoken of in scripture have arisen. He points to a growing volunteer movement in North America in which over 70,000 young people and adults have mobilized for outreach in communities both in North America and abroad. José's vision for the next five years includes the objective of an even larger network of missionary volunteers of all ages experiencing the power of God through a movement of discipleship.

An accomplished musician and recording artist, Jose is also an author and a passionate preacher of the Word. José holds an Honoris Causa Doctor of Divinity degree from Southwestern Adventist University, as well as Bachelors and Masters degrees in Religion from Loma Linda University. His numerous honors include the Maryland Governor's Citation for leadership in community action and the privilege of carrying the official Olympic Torch into Washington D.C. as the flame made its journey to the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.

José serves as a member of the U.S. national organization, The America's Promise Alliance, founded by former Secretary of State Colin Powell, resulting in over 183 Adventist tutoring sites for underprivileged children in 26 states and provinces in North America. He has also worked with the White House over several years, assisting two Presidents of the United States with domestic policy initiatives for humanitarian leadership in the U.S.

He and his wife Ruthie have four children: Veronica, 21, Angelica, 18, Gabriel, 16, and Maria, 9.


Dr Bailey Gillespie


V. Bailey Gillespie has Masters graduate degrees in Theology, Biblical Languages, Philosophical Theological and a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University with a focus on Faith Development and Psychology of Religion. Some of Dr. Gillespie's published works include, Religious Conversion and Personal Identity: How and Why People Change; The Dynamics of Religious Conversion; and The Experience of Faith published currently by the Religious Education Press, Birmingham, Alabama. Keeping the Faith: A Guidebook for Spiritual Parenting, The Textures of Grace in the Church, Summer Ministries, Love Them and They Will Come: Involving Youth and Young Adults in the Local Church and Wise for Salvation—How To Study Your Bible.

He is the chief investigator and publications editor of the Valuegenesis 1, 2, and 3 research project for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and has published major research reflecting 20 years of surveys among Adventist young people. The latest research in the Valuegenesis series of insights into the faith, values, and commitments of Adventist young people has just been completed by the North American Division and the findings of Valuegenesis 3 provide insights into faith growth that are invaluable by reflecting on all three major projects of over 50,000 Adventist young people.

He is a popular speaker and presenter for youth, young adults, and family ministry in the United States and abroad.


Dr Barry Gane

Barry Gane is the husband of Marilyn, the Librarian at Avondale College.  He has two married adult children Daniel and Kymberley, and is blessed to have five grandchildren.  He may be remembered for his work as SPD youth director during the ‘80s – ‘90s.  He has spent over thirty years in Youth Ministry and still teaches for Andrews University.  He is passionate about youth ministry and is currently doing research at Avondale College of Higher Education for the South Pacific Division.  His current project is Valuegenesis II which seeks to discover the impact of the family, the church and the school on the transmission of beliefs and values to youth.  He will be dealing with the topic of reclaiming missing youth  - a subject he feels deeply about.


Mr Jonathan Duffy

A keen interest in sport led Jonathan to complete a Bachelor of Education with a double major in Physical Education and Biology at Flinders University. Since completing his undergraduate degree, Jonathan has completed a Graduate Certificate in Occupation and Health Management from Sydney University and a Masters in Public Health through Deakin University. He now has over 30 years of public health experience in school, community, hospital and corporate settings.

Jonathan has a passion for helping young people live happy, meaningful lives. Having two children helps him to understand many of the pressures that young people face. One of Jonathan's current interests lies in the area of how to reduce at-risk behaviour in young people. He has done extensive research in resiliency in young people and has presented at conferences on resiliency in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, South Africa, the Pacific and the Philippines.  He has published in the Medical Journal of Australia and is working on a book within the area of youth resilience. 

In his current role as CEO Jonathan oversees the operations and strategic direction of ADRA Australia.  ADRA works both nationally and internationally with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible action.

Jonathan is married to Cathy, a pharmacist and they have two young adult children.


Dr Graeme Bradford


Dr Graeme Bradford has been a church pastor, evangelist, missionary and a lecturer in the Theology Department at Avondale. Over the last 5 years Graeme been working with Dr Jon Paulien on a new and exciting series for you to share with others called Revelation Hope Meaning Purpose. He believes that God has been preparing him all his life to work on this new series and can now see that through the good times and the hard times God had this work for him to do. He believes we are all on a journey as we learn and relearn. Not that we are unsure of the things that really matter. This series has a new approach in that it presents the prophecies more as "Here are some things we have learned so far". It is an invitation to "come and learn with us as we study and grow together". Many have said "at last the Church has a series we feel we can relate to".


Dr John Skrzypaszek

John Skrzypaszek (BATh, MATh, D.Min) is the director of the Ellen G.White/SDA Research Centre and lecturer in Church History and Christian Studies at Avondale College. John has a passion for God and a keen interest in spirituality and its application to life's journey. In his research, he explores the dynamics of Ellen White's spiritual journey with God and its relevance to the contemporary life. Prior to his current role, John was involved in pastoral and evangelism ministry. Also, he carried a number of departmental responsibilities such as Ministerial Association Secretary, Personal Ministries Director and Indigenous Ministry Coordinator. John enjoys life; a good sense of humour; practical jokes and to take time to laugh at himself. In his spare time he tries to be a good golfer.


Pr Brendan Pratt


Brendan currently serves in the Greater Sydney Conference focusing on discipleship and healthy churches. He is married to Amanda and they have three boys. His other interests include reptiles and the Richmond tigers.


Pr Mau Tuaoi

Pastor Togamau Tuaoi has been serving as the Youth and Family Ministries Director for the New Zealand Pacific Union over the last 5 years.  Togamau (Mau) graduated from Avondale College in 1997 with a BA in Theology and at the end of 1997 was called to the South New Zealand Conference where he served for 4 years.  From 2002 he served as the Youth Director for the South Australian Conference.  He completed his Masters in Youth Ministry in 2005 from Avondale College and is currently completing a Doctor in Ministry on Youth and Family at Fuller Theological Seminary in California.  Mau has just taken up a new role serving as the Senior Chaplain for Gilson College and Pastor of Living Waters Church and is now based in Melbourne, Australia.  His wife, Rebecca, is a school teacher and they have a daughter Rachel, who is 12 years old.  Mau has 18 years of Youth Ministry experience serving at local church, conference and union level.  He is passionate is to see young people connect to their God, grow in their faith and live out that faith within their community of believers.


Pr Maveni Kaufononga

Maveni Kaufononga is the current Youth Director for Trans-Pacific Union Mission.  Born in Tonga and married to a Cook Islander, Annie, they have two children, Siaosi and Tepaeru.  He has served as a church Pastor in Tonga, Fiji and Cook Islands and was the Youth Director for the Cook Islands Mission prior to serving in his current role.  He studied at Beulah College, Fulton College, Pacific Adventist University as well as Avondale College.  In addition to loving his work with young people, he also enjoys playing sport of any kind. 


Mr Sven Östring


Sven Östring has sensed a real calling from God to be a representative for the kingdom of God within the university community. His experience within universities in New Zealand, England and Australia includes undergraduate and postgraduate studies, followed by research positions, as well as Adventist student ministry and chaplaincy roles. Currently, Sven is the university church planting coach and the Adventist university chaplaincy coordinator in the Western Australian Conference as well as being the Multi-Faith Officer at Curtin University. He has a vision of a renewed Adventist discipleship and church planting movement within universities, with the resulting discipleship stems reaching right around the world.


Mr Johnny Wong


Johnny Wong is the elder of youth-led church called Gateway Adventist Centre (GAC), a new SDA outreach centre located in the heart of Melbourne City. He has been involved in three church plants and the recently planted churches are - Gateway City (Mar 2003) and Gateway East (May 2008). He is now coaching several churches in Australia and Asia in urban evangelism. Gateway has been blessed with close to 100 baptisms with majority from the community in a secular city. He has served on the conference executive committee and other company board of directors. His passion is to see young people mobilized as an army of youth presenting the everlasting gospel. His academic training is in Information Technology and he has served in senior management positions at Oracle Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Ansett Australia Group and Penguin Books.


Pr Trafford Fischer

Trafford was born in Wagga, NSW and completed his schooling in a state school before working for a short while at the Sydney Adventist Hopsital. After a short stint with the NSW Dept of Lands he went to Avondale and completed his BA Theology. He has worked as a pastor, youth director, and on the staff at Avondale, as well as a chaplain for both shool and University students. He is currently director of Family Ministries at the South Pacific Division. He is married to Caryl and they have two adult kids, a delightful son-in-law, and 2 gorgeous grand-daughters. He loves running, snow skiing and cycling.


Ms Erna Johnson

Erna (nee Guðsteinsdóttir) Johnson was born and brought up in Iceland. She is a third generation Adventist and is married to Pr Eddy Johnson who currently serves in the Greater Sydney Conference. They were missionaries in Africa (Zaire) and have worked for the Church in Mauritius, Canada, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia. They have 2 children, Terry (minister) who is married to Kimberly and has 2 children, and Vanessa (nurse) who is married to Jim and has 3 children. They also 'adopted' 3 granddaughters who were without grandparents.

Erna speaks Icelandic, English and French. She was educated in Adventist schools in Iceland and attended Newbold College where she met her husband. She has been involved in Women's Ministries (WM) since 1997 – when she started WM in New Caledonia and continued there until December 2000. At the beginning of 2002 she was appointed Director of WM at the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference where she worked until December 2004 when her husband was transferred to Sydney Australia. In March 2005 she took over the WM department at Greater Sydney Conference. In July 2008 she was elected Women's Ministry Director at the South Pacific Division. Erna's passion is to see women reach their potential. She has seen the impact Women's Ministries has on women as it empowers them to go forward and use their God given gifts and talents for Him and is totally committed to her ministry.


Pr Cheonneth Strickland

Cheonneth Strickland was born in Rarotonga, Cook Islands and then immigrated to New Zealand.  He has served as a local church Pastor, leadership trainer and networker of young people. He is very passionate about young people especially in the area of leadership development and spirituality.  He currently serves as the Director of Youth Ministries for the Greater Sydney Conference and has done so for the past six and a half years.  He is married to Nicole and they have three children – Zachary, Savannah and Kai.


Pr Dick Duerksen

Elder Dick Duerksen is an Itinerant Pollinator of Grace. Currently employed as "Storyteller" and Assistant to the President of Maranatha Volunteers International, Dick travels the world with Maranatha as host of the TV Show, Maranatha Mission Stories. Dick is also well-known as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor and preacher and Youth Ministries leader.


Ms Marian Maroney

Marian Moroney (B.Ed Music, B.Mus Honours, ATCL) is currently an assistant worship director for Dr Lyell Heise at the Institute of Worship, based at Avondale College, NSW.  In addition, she runs a private teaching studio for both singing and piano students. Previously to joining the Institute, Marian has taught in schools, run choirs, music departments and worship teams in both Australia and New Zealand.  She has completed a singing degree and has studied vocal technique in Germany. She has many years’ experience working with churches and their particular challenges in the areas of music and ministry.   Her involvement with worship has spread internationally, having worked with music and worship teams in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Germany, London, Samoa, and the Cook Islands.  Marian's passion is to see people connect with their Creator in authentic worship, both personal and corporate. 


Mr Jared Madden

Jared is passionate about using media for evangelism, is the Hope Channel director for the South Pacific and the Producer for the forthcoming 'Beyond the search' evangelistic series. Previously he lectured in Communications, ran an Advertising and Marketing agency and was a public speaker and consultant in new and social media. He is married, has three children and lives on the Central Coast of NSW.


Mr Jared French

Jared French has served in Literature Ministry, working for Jesus for more than 11 years. He is very Passionate about Evangelism and has seen God work many amazing Miracles. After graduating with a B.Sc. from Canterbury University (NZ), he felt God’s call to Literature Ministry. Jared is now the new Director of the Australian Student Literature Evangelism (SLE) Program and he is very excited as to how God will use young people to distribute Literature like the ‘Leaves of Autumn’.  He is married with two young children and lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales.   


Mr Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is book editor at Signs Publishing Company, just out of Melbourne, and is a writer and novelist (Nemesis Train), as well as an "Accredited Editor." He has worked for fast food establishments, law firms, a university and the Adventist church.


Dr Mel Lemke

Mel is an experienced youth worker who has helped launch STORM Co from one small group of High School students to a movement of young people that now spans the globe. One of the leaders on the first STORM Co trip in 1993, he has since then led dozens of trips and has introduced and helped to establish STORM Co though-out Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands, Canada, USA, South America, Romania, and Africa. Mel is currently a chaplain at Avondale Schools in Cooranbong, NSW, where he coordinates and leads two STORM trips each year to the NSW outback communities of Wee Waa and Cobar. Be inspired by Mel’s passion for Jesus, for people, and for practical and practiced Christianity expressed through service to others.


Pr Mark Craig

Mark Craig is currently Associate Pastor of Avondale College Church.  He is passionate about speaking up for those who don’t have a voice.  He is currently involved in social justice projects in his local community and in Africa.  He is also passionate about releasing people into a Micah 6:8 lifestyle.  


Dr Wayne Krause

Wayne Krause is the pastor of the Central Coast Community Church a church he and a few friends planted a number of years ago.  This church was started to reach people who wouldn't normally ever walk into a church.  Seeing people far from their God, experiencing Jesus, knowing they belong to His community, and involved in ministry is something that Wayne is very passionate about.  He is throughout our division.  It is in church planting that Wayne received his Doctor of Ministry degree, mentored by Bob Logan.  Wayne is married to the love of his life Tracey and they have one daughter Jessica or Princess.


Pr Steve Kane

Pr. Steve Kane has been passionately involved in ministering to young people for 2 decades.  One decade of that in the Department of Youth Ministry in both Australia and New Zealand.  Born in Papua New Guinea he grew up in Victoria, Australia.   He loves preaching, mentoring & training.  He wants to see young people be fully devoted followers of Christ and to empower, mentor and resource leaders to have healthy growing youth ministries.  He is married to Arianna and together they love youth ministry, four wheel driving and outdoor adventures.  He is currently the Youth Director for the South Queensland Region.


Pr John Wells

John Wells is the associate Youth Director in the Greater Sydney Conference. He is responsible for the Pathfinder, Adventure and Outdoor programs in the conference. John has been in full time youth ministry for over 23 years (South Queensland, Northern Australia and Sydney). He has been in Pathfinders for 45 years as either a Teen Pathfinder, counsellor, Director, District Director and Conference Administrator. John loves Pathfindering. He is committed to equipping Pathfinder leaders with the skills to be effective ministers to the church's youth and those in the community.


Dr John Sommerfeld

Doctor John has both a degree and a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering.  He started work as an apprentice Fitter & Turner with road construction machinery and has held responsible positions in Government enterprises.   Recently he was Fleet Engineer for the Brisbane City Council’s bus fleet of some 800 buses.

He has a lovely supportive wife (Paula) and three grown-up children.

John’s passion is people.  He’s says that there is nothing better than helping people reach their potential and watching them grow in the Lord.

He is closely involved in Pathfinders as a District Director in the South Queensland Conference and has a reputation for cutting loose with his creativity and way-out sense of humour.

The South Pacific Division’s honour project has been at the forefront of John’s exertions of late.  Developing honours for the internet has been a fascinating activity. It is a resource for our people.  Best of all, our honour website is being accessed by folks around the world.  Think of the potential!


Pr Willie Strickland

Willie Strickland is currently working as the South Queensland Conference Associate Youth Director with the Adventurer Ministry being part of his portfolio. He enjoys hearing what Adventurer teams are doing for their children.  He loves playing soccer, jamming on the piano and pizza!!